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Title: Because I love you
Genre: Romance... FLUFF!
Ship: Harry/Hermione/Ron
Rating: G
Author: manas_lover
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Notes: Just a drabble I wrote whilst in Digital Design... scuse da mistakes! I'm writting on an EVIL keyboard!!! And it's a VERY unferined plot bunny... could be better if I re-write it... or I could add to it... *grins*

Hermione Granger giggled. Which is uncharacteristic of her. She giggled none-the-less as one of her best friends Harry Potter poked her. Mentally she was cursing him, as now Professor McGonagall was staring at her.

'Miss Granger,' she began, tight-lipped, 'what is the meaning of this disruption in my class.'

'Sorry Professor, it won't happen again. I promise.' She said, fighting back more squeals as her other best friend Ron Weasley, who was sitting on the other side of her, also started poking her.

Professor McGonagall looked at her sternly before continuing on with her class. Hermione glared at the two boys before returning to her work. She could feel the two boys on either side of her shaking with silent laughter and mentally shook herself. Ignore them.

The bell that sounded the end of their class rang, and as the trio scampered from their classroom, Hermione glared at the two boys.

'How dare you?' she said firmly.

Harry started dancing around on the spot, being an all round moron really, before putting on a high pitched voice and obviously attempting to mimic Hermione. 'You'll put a permanent mark on my so far clean record!'

'Oh yes,' Hermione began, grinning, 'and I bet you two would love to be the ones to put a mark on my record.'

She turned to walk away, Harry looking slightly perplexed, but before she could walk away for a private laugh, Ron grabbed her wrist and turned her back around.

'And what exactly is that supposed to mean?' he asked her gruffly.

'Take it how you want.' She said cheerfully before walking off down the corridor.

later that night in the Gryffindor common room

'Where have you been all night?' A male voice fumed.

Hermione lifted her head from the book she was reading, to see Ron's face, beet red in front of her. Harry walked up and sat down beside her, puting an arm around her shoulder.

'What?!' Ron shouted, Hermione thanking her lucky stars that the common room was empty.

Harry grinned broadly. 'Just seeing if it were possible to make you any angrier than you allready were. Apparently so.'

Hermione stifled a giggle, as she went to play along with Harry's game. Leaning over to Harry, she placed a light kiss on his cheeks.

It was Ron's turn to laugh now.

'You've both turned so red! Well, whoever would have thought ey? Harry and Hermione...'

A wicked grin crossed Hermione's face. 'Really Ronald?'

Ron squirmed with dislike upon hearing her call him Ronald.

Pulling herself up from the couch, she wrapped her arms around Ron's neck and kissed him on the cheek also.

As she was pulling away though, ron dipped and caught her mouth in a kiss. Shocked, Hermione didn't react at first, but when she did, she lost all feeling in her feet and legs, slowly becoming numb with pleasure.

She felt Harry walk up behind her and wrap his arms around her. 'Ron, looks to me like she's enjoying this a little too much.'

Breaking the kiss to turn and look at Harry, she saw him winking at Ron, before breathlessly, she spoke up. 'It's because I love you...I love you both.' She looked at her feet, afraid of what they'd say.

Feeling Harry's arms leave her waist, she knew she had blown it.

So when he cupped her face with his hands, she was shocked. And her shock grew as he leant down and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

When he pulled away, Hermione looked at him quizically.


Harry smiled softly. 'Because I love you, both of you.' He nodded towards Ron, as he closed the gap between the two and kissed him, with equal tenderness. Hermione gasped, and the two boys grinned at her.

'Y-you mean?'

The boys nodded, and that was the last thing Hermione remembered before passing out with shock.


I know, crap... but hey... as I said a pointless drabble, whilst in Digital Design! ^_^

Tell me what you think, though I'd rather something more constructive than 'That was crap.' thanks.

Love Millie
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