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getharrylaid's Journal

The Get Harry Laid Brigade
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I was reading mutantjules‘s journal and she said “I was just reading Order of the Phoenix for about the 30th time, and did it seem to any of you, at the end of the book, like Harry was romantically interested in anyone in the world?? and if so, who the hell was it? see, I'm starting to fear the poor boy's going to die a sacrificial, virginal death at the end of book 7. and that's like the most depressing thing I've ever thought. we need to start some sort of a campaign to stop it. yeah! we're the Get Harry Laid Brigade!! join it, people!!”

so I thought, what a great Idea!? a community for people who share a common goal. Getting Harry Potter laid. I figured this would be a great communtiy for fan art/fiction of all sorts. Slash, Het whatever. Now on to the rules.

1.) All fics/art must be rated and placed behind an lj cut

2.) This community will have slash, so if your offended by slash, you’ve been forewarned.

3.) most importantly, no flaming. contructive critiscisum is more than welcomed, but no flaming.